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Farewell to the winter of our discontent.

Fair to say, there is a hell of a lot of excitement in the Scoffer team about the emergence from what has been a very long winter. Granted we are heading out of lockdowns across the Eastern seaboard fatter, somewhat pickled and in a slight fog of caution - especially with the idea that we may actually have to stop day drinking and start wearing pants.

A quick canvas of the team at Scoffer HQ has provided some very interesting answers. Most involve going somewhere - anywhere apart from the supermarket or the dunny. One of our correspondents is certain a haircut is top priority, above all else and without question while others have mentioned the need to be at the pub. We are lucky to have the London in Richmond as our closest appropriate pub to HQ, so we have booked a little spot to start the welcome to civilisation again asap.

The Beer Scoffer - "Going to my local, sitting with my friends, discussing the week, telling those stories again, laughing and not having conversations about sourcing an intimate partner." We also know he is keen to get to some breweries and brewpubs to sample some more wares. We reckon Deeds Brewing Taproom in Glen Iris will be near the top of that list, along with Moondog, 3 Ravens and more.

The wine scoffer is keen on a simple pleasure. "I love to sit at a bar and drink wine. I like to find interesting things on lists, and fancy small plates of comestibles to nibble on while I am drinking said wine. Invariably, I know I am paying too much for a glass of occasionally ordinary booze, but I am okay with that, as long as I am somewhere, with someone, drinking it. I'm very keen to get back to Fix Wine and Restaurant in Sydney, Brisbane's Maeve and Alba and The City Wine Shop in Melbourne. I am also looking forward to getting back to cellar doors and tasting rooms again, uncovering a few new wineries in 2022 we have been dying to get to. Oh and I want to hug someone."

The Whiskey Scoffer is probably the most cautious of us all. "I'm nervous about being out and about again. But I am excited about being able to make plans, confidently make plans that don't have to be cancelled. And to start living again, rather than just surviving." This scribe is pretty sure we might see a few more whiskey reviews from events and happenings, including Melbourne Whiskey Week

Checking into hotels again, not for quarantine but to have an actual stay, is another pleasure we are looking forward to. "Going back to the Henry Jones Art Hotel Hobart is on my list, and I am looking forward to staying in some hotels that have bravely opened in the madness that has been 2021. Fair to say 2022 is going to be quite an expensive year." That from one of our team who loves a hotel stay more than their own bed.

As we emerge, we want to send our thanks to the industry we love, who have sustained us with home deliveries, who have provided delicious birthday dinners in lockdown - we're looking at you The Botanical We have drank too much, eaten with some kind of mad abandon, are all promising to be at the gym and exercising, rather than being at the pub, and to enjoy and respect the long road we have had to get here to freedom. You know we won't be at the gym, right?

To all of our friends in hospo across the country, see you as we Scoff everything at the bar!!

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