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Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

There is something very unhotel about the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart and it is what I love most about it. For someone who worked and lived in hotels for some years, I am not much of a fan of anything run of the mill. This is far from run of the mill. It is just like a big fancy house where you are treated very well.

Every room is different - there is no cookie cutter, same sameness at all. The visit starts with happy staff, who are highly attentive, even for those of us who happen to arrive before check-in with the hope of dumping luggage and finding somewhere for a lunchtime gin & tonic. I was kindly offered an upgrade to a different room from what I booked because it was ready to go. Big tick. Many times I have checked into hotels, only to be told my early arrival simply could not be accommodated.

The Deluxe Spa Harbour View room was extremely well appointed, with a bed you don't want to leave, exposed beams and brickwork, and of course, a view of Hobart and Mt Wellington/Kunanyi across the pristine harbour.

My first habit in any hotel, and the thing by which they are often judged, is the bathroom. If I see any mould or a rogue hair missed by housekeeping, I am done and dusted usually. This has none of those issues. Pristine clean even for a white glove fanatic like me, and beautifully appointed. Elements of glass, timber and stainless steel are in keeping with the style - modern touches in a heritage building.

There is literally room for a small family, and so it feels luxurious because of the space. There is art everywhere in the hotel, and the property has 56 rooms combining stunning heritage features including 19th-century sandstone and original windows, with the stone walls framing contemporary Tasmanian art. Yet it feels very modern and fresh. There are plenty of places within walking distance to tempt even the most fussy palate starting with a complimentary full breakfast to kick off your day.

I am not sure I can stay anywhere else in Hobart now. I think I may have spoiled myself too much.

Henry Jones Art Hotel Rooms from $288

25 Hunter Street, Hobart Tasmania, 7000

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