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Maeve the force be with you.

Finding a new space to spend time scoffing turps and tucker is a wonderful pastime to have. For a self professed glutton, Maeve in South Brisbane, is bloody ideal.

Let's start with the setting. It doesn't have the world's best view, overlooking the back of the Queensland Museum and the Southbank busway, but when there is food and drink like this on offer, who cares?

Let's start with the drinks. Maeve is a wine bar offering incredible food. The wine list changes almost daily but covers all the bases. The current list runs 8 -9 pages and has some most excellent tipples. Celebrate with Pet Nat Riesling through to fine french fizz, while small batch and hard to source wines sit alongside more traditional favourites. The list is thoughtful, rather than something which has been slapped together. It shows a real dedication to the punter, offering choices to test novice palates and reward the adventurous. Its one of the reason we love to come here - there are always new experiences to have.

Maeve is the love child of Eleanor Cappa, Maris Cook and Jesse Stevens. All three are seasoned industry professionals and they chose Maeve because of its history. For those playing at home, the building was constructed in 1929 for the princely sum of £339 and has been been employed as a bank, among other things. There is an incredible amount of respect afforded to this building, in its fit out and where it is today.

Now, to the food. Like the wine list, it varies greatly and relies heavily on seasonal produce. Dishes are designed to be shared, many of which are prepared over the open grill. You'll often find a Mooloolaba prawn or two, superbly charred or a Cape Grim sirloin, equally as delicious. If you are really lucky, a fish wing or collar cooked over the open flame, or some house cured duck ham. Dont worry, whatever you find it is going to be scrumptious.

I have been known to go back more than once for saganaki cheese with fermented garlic honey and rosemary. It arrives sizzling to the table and I dare you to leave any behind.

Whether you need a quick after work download over a cheeky little rose or you want to have the full dining experience where the quality of produce drives the daily fare, Maeve is a must on your list of inner Brisbane venues.

Maeve Wine. 39 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane (enter from Grey Street up the stairs).

Open weds and Thurs from 4pm, Friday and Saturday from Noon. Check the website for current times and to book.

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