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Willow and Spoon

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Whilst lockdowns have all but devastated the hospitality industry across the country, there will always be survivors. Willow and Spoon, in Brisbane's inner suburban Wilston, is one of those survivors. It's an ever evolving project of love from owner Keith and his team. He has been in hospitality all of his career and doesn't know what else he would do. You can tell. There is a commitment here which is why the venue has stood the test of time.

Willow and Spoon is housed in a cute little house with a massive garden, a perfect place to relax and let the small humans carouse. It is a space with plenty of room for a group of a couple and dare we say, is very Queensland. There is a distinct lack of pretension and fuss.

Willow and Spoon is known for its sweets, but as someone who avoids sugary business first thing in the morning, it's the savoury for me which rewards me time and again. Lead me to your Heuvos Rancheros senor - baked Mexican rice with lashings of melted cheese, tomato and avocado salsa, poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise and some purple corn tortillas for good measure with some sour cream.

The other Scoffer hoped into The Willow - a stalwart of the menu with house cured pork belly, truffled scrambled eggs, barley toast and piquillo mayo, not forgetting the buttered leeks I stole from the plate because they are too delicious to leave behind. This dish never falters.

Service at Willow and Spoon is impeccable. Attentive staff, always with a smile and while they seem always to be busy, are super efficient. They are not scared to take a risk here and it is part of the fun for me. Specials on each visit are always inventive and the chef takes great pride in putting food on the place which you cant wait to put in your mouth.

We could talk day and night about the options. If you cant find something to enjoy then you are too fussy and should stay at home. Coffee from Supreme Roasters is always good, whether grabbing one from the window while waiting for a barber visit next door or enjoying it in the garden with the weekend paper and a toasted croissant, or having a second to wash down a big daddy breakfast.

Call me biased - Willow and Spoon was my local for some time, but I am always going to make the journey back to a place that feels like home. It's worth the trip.

Willow and Spoon. 190 Newmarket Road, Wilston.

Closed Mon. Tues- Fri 6.30am -2.00pm. Sat & Sun 7am - 2pm.

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