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Vodka is vodka

Vodka is vodka right? Surely there is little difference between one clear spirit and the next? Unless it is infused with lemon or musk, or maybe even passionfruit?

We thought so too until the strangest thing crossed the desk. Camel Milk and Honey Vodka. Produced in Queensland's Scenic Rim, on the Summer Land Camel Farm, and part of a large range of camel milk products, this is certainly something out of left field.

Let us start with the camels first. Australia may have a larger feral camel population than anywhere else in the world. First imported to Australia from India, Afghanistan and the Canary Islands in the 19th century, for the purpose of transportation, it is estimated there are now more than a million wild camels roaming our vast continent.

But to Summer Land Farm. Its located an hour south west of Brisbane, about 30km from Ipswich. They farm camels here, using their milk for a variety of products including skincare, camel milk powder, feta cheese and the aforementioned vodka, flavoured with honey and made with the whey of the camel milk.

It doesn't taste of camel. If you've ever experienced a dromedary, they can be a tad on the whiffy side and prone to an occasional spit. They are also very cheeky and a little moody as well. Camel Milk has been treasured for thousands of years for its unique benefits to hair, skin, health and beauty. It is rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, and contains disease-fighting immunoglobulins - boosting the effectiveness of the immune system and providing potent healing benefits for the gut. It is better for you than cow's milk, particularly if lactose tolerance is a thing for you.

Noting vodka and gin made from the whey of both sheep and cows milk, the team decided they'd try their luck with the whey from the camel milk. Geoff Flood, CEO of Summer Land has a background in biochemistry, and so gave the vodka a go, infusing with honey from hives on the same farm.

It tastes kind of like a honey milkshake, if a honey milkshake tasted very boozy. While both sweet and smooth, it does give you a little kick in the cojones! Pour it over ice, and if you need to temper it, try adding a splash of cold water. We tried it with soda but it was a tad unusual on the palate. However you try it,be prepared to shell out some coin. They make very little of this so you won't be downing it with gay abandon on Friday night! It's well worth the spend in our view.

RRP: $179 from their website. (On sale at the time of publication)

Queensland | 2017 | Scenic Rim | 40.6% ABV | 500ml


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