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The Pudding Lady has the goods for Christmas

I don't know about you but I was blessed with two Grannies who could cook dessert. Big Nana was a pastry cook for decades, while little Nana made jams and puddings and pot roasts like nobody I know. Maybe I am romanticising but I always loved being around them when they were making desserts. Sadly my dear departed Mum was not so much a whizz in the kitchen. Food was a function rather than a pleasure.

I suspect I was very spoiled because there was always a pudding around - steamed things oozing with golden syrup or sugar and fruit things with similarly heavy sugar contents. Ever since I was a kid I never really feel like its Christmas till there's a generous serve of plum duff down the old screech with a thick home made custard and some cream.

My delight at discovering The Pudding Lady was almost like finding some kind of nirvana. It was at a farmers market in the heart of Newcastle after a wedding where I procured a log of whisky and marmalade log pudding and because I couldn't choose, a port and prune pudding one as well. I'll never forget that Christmas or the look on my then partner's face as I handed over the plastic to pay for them. Oink Oink.

Two years later, by pure coincidence we crossed paths again and I have been an advocate ever since. Up until last year, where I made my own for the first time in many a year, I had ordered The Pudding Lady log puddings for Christmas. They are made with quality Australian produce - eggs, butter, fruit, flour, juice and our own booze, as well as all the other goodies they add.

The brand first came about when Dawn, while her brother Peter was away fighting in the Vietnam war, was praying for his safe return and where letters and tape recordings were sent back from the front as a way of keeping in touch. Dawn was a woman of faith and so after he came home from the war, she began making and selling puddings to raise money for the church where she found her solace. She hadn't made one before but no biggie... she adapted her granny's recipe and 50 or so years later, the recipe is still in use today to make puddings.

It's a new set of owners committed to growing the brand and creating new products, but at the very heart is the Christmas Pud. They make a variety of diet conscious items, including those suited to vegans, diabetics and the gluten free.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because you need to get orders in by December 6 if you want to become an advocate, like us, for one of the most scrumptious Christmas puddings you will ever eat.

Orders in before December 6

Logs - Whisky and Marmalade, or Port and Prune are $45

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