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The Forty Spotted Gin(bar)

Every city needs a good gin bar. Melbourne boasts a number of them, including the iconic Gin Palace Brisbane has a slew of them, with Covent Garden a fave of ours, while Adelaide's Malt and Juniper is a ripper.

Gin(bar) has opened in Hobart, brought to you by the team at Lark Distilling who produce Forty Spotted Gin. The are angling for a uniquely Tasmanian experience, while offering gin blending workshops and pouring gins from across Tasmania and around the globe. The design, by Melbourne's March Studio the venue looks like it could be a giant upside down wine rack, but in a nod to its namesake, is actually designed to look like the nest of the Pardalote.

The whole blend and make experience allows participants to blend a gin to their own taste, takes about an hour and a half and is $99. From the Scoffers who have been, it is highly recommended. You can seek inspiration from the Forty Spotted range or you can go rogue with your own style, whether you want something native, like Lemon Myrtle or you want to stick to traditional flavour infusions using citrus, spices and other botanicals.

The best part is, you get to take it home, you can name it yourself and give it pride of place on the bar. The lab coated Gin Professor is on hand to guide you through and it's a great fun experience to enjoy when next you get to Hobart.

Gin(bar) is at Level 1, 30 Argyle St, Hobart,

Open from 6pm Thurs-Sat.

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