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The drink you're having...

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Do you have those days where you want to have a drink but haven't a clue what to drink? Beer seems wrong because it's only Tuesday and you promised you would wait until Friday. Wine doesn't feel quite right because you want to have just the one and maybe drive? Enter the RTD category.

Grainshaker is an Australian distilled vodka, made from all Australian ingredients. They produce three different vodkas - one from rye, one from wheat and the other from corn. Each with seperate characteristics, they are copper pot distilled in Melbourne Victoria.

The have taken things one step further and melded each vodka with a distinct flavour. On the tasting table for us was their corn vodka with native lemon myrtle and soda. Its a low sugar and all natural product so it doesn't feel sickly sweet to drink, and you could easily tuck away two or three of these at a bqq, keep yourself nice and wake up tomorrow feeling fresh.

Lemon myrtle is a distinct flavour, and it has been used judiciously. It has a tendency to overpower but there is none of that here. Its a hint rather than a belt. In a wine glass and after the initial carbonation fades, it looks like you could be drinking a glass of riesling, and interestingly, has a none too different tartness.

The branding is great and so typically Aussie - a person of indeterminate gender, riding an emu in a cowboy hat and scarf trailing behind in the wind. Clearly some time and thought has gone into the visual identity of the brand.

At the price point, they do okay and will compete with better known brands if only for their identity and the Australian grain story. At around $5 for a 250ml tin, they are an easy drink to pick up and take to a party or bbq when you don't want a night on the tiles, and they are playing in a very dense marketplace with seemingly everyone having their booze in some kind of ready to drink tin or bottle.

Not 100% to my taste but they are well worth a try if this is your thing. Pleasant, not sickly sweet so no sugar hangover and fun.

RRP $5 each, $19.99 a 4 pack $120 case of 24

250ml ABV 4.8%

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