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Thai Nesia, Sydney

For 36 years, in an unassuming corner venue on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, a small Thai owned and operated restaurant has continued to deliver Thai food with integrity, and while there are some things only a suburban Thai restaurant can manage to do, the food and service at Thai Nesia is spot on. We've eaten in Thailand a lot, and pre covid were frequent visitors, and there is a sense of authenticity here which makes our mouths very happy.

There is a certain efficiency I have found in Thai venues which is equalled by few others - smiles and traditional greetings are immediate and the service is always great. This is a fine example of that.

Crispy fried oysters, with a green nam jim style sauce were delicious. Crunchy, tasty and where they can be a little over done, they were juicy, soft and very nicely done. Money bags, a Thai staple of minced chicken, vegetable, garlic and cumin are also very well done here. Very crispy but with a moist inside and some spicy sweet chili on the side.

A beef curry, rich with spice and creamy coconut, spicy chili basil chicken chicken, and a superbly fragrant choo chee prawns, heaving with kaffir lime and lemongrass was a stand out dish.

Thai Nesia doesn't fail on any account - food, service and the slightly over the top decor. Its a reliable and memorable place to share some food. Two doors down is a small, local independent bottle shop where we found a Delatite 2020 Dead Man's Hill Gewurtztraminer which is a splendid match to a spicy meal - they have some great options to match Thai food. Also next door is a new wine bar with some terrific food, (review coming soon) where you can find some natural wines.

Thai Nesia is at 243 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 5.30pm

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