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Sutton Grange 'Fairbank' 2021 Ancestrale sparkling

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Australian sparklings have never really lifted my skirt. Too many bottles of French fizz, down the old screech, has spoiled me a bit and as they say, I've become accustomed to it.' Occasionally I am delighted and fair to say, it's always a lovely surprise when that happens.

Enter Sutton Grange's Fairbank Ancestrale. First things first, we're under a crown seal rather than cork. I don't really know what difference that makes, but according to AAVWS Chair and winemaker and director at Oliver's Taranga in McLaren Vale, Corrina Wright, the use the use of crown closures helps the wines stand out in the market and make them more easily identifiable as “something different”. There you have it, from the expert.

What I loved most about this fizz was the fresh, vibrant nose. There was the scent of the musk stick lollies I ate from the swimming pool kiosk as a kid, and hints of tropical like things such as coconut and guava. This is made in the 'Pet Nat' style all the kids are drinking these days, so there was a nice funky yeasty note to it as well. That nose hinted at a tad of sweetness on the tongue.

Sweetness was there but in the form of berries. Strawberries, raspberries and more of the musk but that may have been in my head. This is a lovely wine - very feminine and bright but not at all insipid. It's a pleasure to swirl around the mouth, with all that lovely berry plum and cranberry goodness, a very light bead and a rich creamy yeasty kind of feel. Loving the crunchy acidity to finish, like a ripe pink lady apple.

This will go well with all kinds of summer dalliances, whether a picnic luncheon by the lake, a summer breakfast of smoked salmon blinis and fruit salad, or a late night snack of oysters and lobster rolls. This is the kind of drink you want to have on Christmas morning as you rip hours worth of skilful wrapping off the presents santa brings you. If he is a good santa, and you're not on the naughty list, you might want some of this in your stockings!

Oo er Vicar!

RRP $40

VIC | 2021 | Bendigo | 12.0% ABV

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