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Sullivan's Cove Double Cask, Single Malt

Sullivan's Cove was one of the first distilleries outside of Scotland to win Best Single Malt Whisky, at the prestigious World Whisky Awards.

That could well be the end of my review because it is such an accomplishment and it makes trying this whisky something every whisky drinker should do. You might expect a whisky capable of this feat to be some titan of a drink only life long whisky collectors would understand or appreciate. You would be wrong.

The brilliance here is, this is an extremely high quality whisky even the beginner can really enjoy. If you know the Werther's Original caramel sweets (I hope the distiller doesn't mind that reference), this whisky feels like a cousin by flavour.

It is easy to drink, has little by way of alcohol burn on the end and is not overbearing in any way. It is expensive and it does sell out fast if you want to buy a bottle. If you are in Tasmania, it is well worth a visit to their distillery, just 20 minutes from Hobart. It is both the best place and the finest way to try this whisky.

Get on their email list so you can be notified of their latest releases, especially given how quickly this particular whisky sells out. You want to own a bottle so you can enjoy it slowly for years to come. It is one of their finest.

RRP $250

TAS | Hobart | 700ml | 45% ABV


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