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See Saw Wines 2021 'Gee Gee'

Gee Gee indeed. I have this insatiable desire of late to be scoffing anything orange, biodynamic, skin contact and in the 'natural' space and by golly I am loving myself sick doing it. The last few have been Gewurtz heavy and I think I might need to see someone. It's becoming a little obsessive.

See Saw Wines have been producing lovely booze in Orange, NSW for around 25 years. Pip and Justin Jarrett are invested in estate grown fruit, nurtured using sustainable and organic viticulture, followed by minimal intervention winemaking and the results, in their Incubator series are happy wines, to make you smile. Label art is awesome, and while the SAMM was tempting (made with Sauv Blanc and Marsanne), the Gee Gee got me going.

GEE GEE is a clever blend of Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris has been made as naturally as possible. It starts with a little funk on the nose, opening up to tart orange, tropical guava, kumquat and mandarin notes with some musk lolly sweetness and turkish delight inflections. It is not quite what I expected but it is good. It's a beautiful hazy colour - somewhere between smoked salmon and blood orange.

The palate showed a little more tartness of tangelo and more sweet citrus, with an apricot jam kind of sweetness about with a pleasant herbaceousness of lemon thyme and citrus flower. It took some swirling all through the mouth to pick up more of the musk, layered with a gentle acidity. It finishes nicely - long and lean with some savoury tannins to round it out.

For those on their own journey of discovery to natural or orange wines, this is a great place to start. Check out the SAMM and MARGE and have a watch of this video where Justin talks to the process

RRP $28

NSW | 2021 | Orange | 13% ABV

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