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Rowena Corner Store

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Tucked in a side street off Punt Road in Richmond, is the Rowena Corner Store. Some refer to it as a hipster heaven, but for me, it's just my local where they pour great coffee, care quite a bit about the local clientele, and dare I say, it's the place where everybody knows your name.

Set in what was once an old school corner shop, there is a distinctly Mediterranean feel about the venue. It's also upgrading every week it seems. Shelves are stocked with a plethora of comestibles, from canned tomatoes to corn chips, with a distinctly southern European focus. The fridge is filled with handmade products, local pasta and good quality smallgoods, dips and dairy to take home.

A 60's style cabinet (which I am coveting) offers a couple of filled baguettes, spanakopita and some gorgeous french style sourdough loaves, alongside the usual sweet treats of muffins and waffles. Take a seat in either the indoor or outdoor spaces where the service is supremely efficient and super friendly.

The food is driven by flavour and simplicity. Not wanting to over egg it, (pun intended), you can dive into a bacon benedict with Istra bacon, red onion jam and rocket with a pesto hollandaise and a cabbage ad apple slaw or graze over a middle eastern plate of falafel, grains, halloumi and tzatziki with a boiled egg, olives and pita bread (pictured). Maybe a Greek style Kaski of roasted peppers, feta, ricotta & chilli, with eggs and a garlic sourdough, or a loaded Belgian waffle is more your style?

It's a diverse menu, honouring the heritage where Mama used to cook up simple and sincere breakfasts and lunches for locals and travellers alike. Now, even though Mama has hung up the pini, it remains a modern little space where communal nourishment remains the focus, along with a number of her recipes still in use. Footballers, artistes and tradies call it their local too, so don't be surprised by who you see in the queue for a coffee.

Grinders coffee is poured at a rapid rate for in house and takeaway, and the team are always happy to see you. It's a cracking little space which I am loathe to share, for fear of not getting a table.

Tuesday - Friday 7.30am - 3pm. Saturday & Sunday. 8am - 3pm

44 Rowena Parade, Richmond.

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