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Pooley 2019 Pinot Noir

I remember, back in the old days when we could go to events, schlepping my way around a #pinotpalooza or two, looking for one or three of my faves. Pooley was a must visit for me along with Ata Rangi (from New Zealand's North Island) and Moondarra (because I knew Neil would be generous as always).

Pooley wines was established in the 80's in the Coal River region in Tasmania. It now has third generation winemaker Anna Pooley at the helm, and she is carrying on a family tradition of producing wines of impeccable quality.

The 2019 Pooley Pinot Noir is no exception. Loaded with generous red fruit, mulberries and elegant spices led by vanilla and cedar. The palate is both sweet with fruit chewiness and savoury with lush velvety tannin tightening it all up. It does all of the right things on both the nose and the palate, tempting one to drink more and swish it around the mouth to let its expansive presence find all the loveliness in it. The mouthfeel is superb and generous.

Okay, I could rave about this wine for too long., Take my word for it... its a ripper and will impress any would be or existing lover.

RRP $50 - found at a local independent.

TAS | 2019 | Coal River | 13.5% ABV

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