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Pizzini 2021 Arneis

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Pizzini have been through a brand refresh and I have to confess, I love it. Its a fresh new look and it will take the brand in a new direction, potentially appealing to a younger demographic and introduce them to a much loved family business.

Let's talk about the Pizzini family. Alfredo's father was one of four brothers arriving in Australia in the 1950's. Like many post war migrant families, regional Australia offered a promise of a better life and a sense of adventure. There was always a streak of entrepreneurial spirit, and this mixed with a willingness to hard work bred success. The Snowy Mountain Scheme beckoned and on the way, they discovered Victoria's high country and the family started to grow tobacco, becoming the largest tobacco producing company in the Southern hemisphere.

Wine was a burgeoning business in the King Valley and the Brown Brothers in Milawa approached some farmers to grow some grapes. The first reisling was planted in 1978, and the rest... the rest is a lovely history of a family who have become one of the pre-eminent wine families of the King Valley. Alfredo and Katrina have four adult children who all work in the business and they produce beautiful cool climate wines with varietals well suited to the region.

The 2021 Arneis is the thing you want to be drinking with some hard cheese, a few slices of pear and a warm afternoon. The nose has a sweet, almost intoxicating perfume with notes of apricot kernel and a waft of lime. It's a warm mountain summer afternoon in a glass. The dry crisp palate shows nashi pear and green apple, with just a tiny bit of tartness. Its one of those wines you want to reach and have just one more glass of. Alongside their Verduzzo (sadly sold out), they have this varietal absolutely nailed.

RRP: $24 at a decent wine store or order direct online.

Victoria | 2021| king Valley | 13.9% ABV


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