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Pikes 2018 'Los Companeros' Shiraz Tempranillo

If you know the name Pikes in South Australia, it's likely you are familiar with their signature Rieslings. Pikes have been making wine in SA since 1984 and remains a family owned operation. This scribe is a tart for a Clare Valley Rizza and we know we can trust Pikes at every turn for a reliable tipple.

We opened this 2018 Shiraz Tempranillo with a tad of anticipation... and were rather surprised at the contents of the bottle. A belter of a nose with some charry notes with a good whack of cinnamon, liquorice and five spice, all aligned with some big red juicy fruits. It belied what was on the palate which was almost unusually sweet at first taste with big plummy and red berry smash in the gob, while a thin, and linear tannin structure made its presence from the influence of the tempranillo along with a continuance of the spice notes, which make up 20% of the blend.

A lack of too much new oak allows the fruit to shine here, along with the conditions of the 2018 vintage which was warm. There are lovely rustic notes from the tempranillo and pepper finish from the shiraz offering a splendid mouth feel with a bright acidity and a medium finish.

A cracking drop, and at very good value, drink it now or pick it up again in 4-5 years.

RRP: $20 at good independents or order online.

SA | 2018 | Clare Valley | 14% ABV

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