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Parker 2018 SBW Cabernet Montepulciano

This is a special release so I am not sure of how much is around. The team at Parker may be able to help you source some where you are.

It's not just a special release, its so special the bottles are individually numbered. Coonawarra produces impeccable Cabernet, probably some of the best in the country. Parker is one of the first wineries you will come across as you head north of Penola to experience the Coonawarra - or have Coonawarra Experiences stop there first. The montepulciano is grown in the Barossa and the fruit shipped to be blended and matured onsite.

The Monte is a dark, brooding red grape, very intense and has a fondness for warmer climates, hence why it is grown in the Barossa. Paired with Parker's cabernet, this SBW offers up notes of dark red fruits, lots of boysenberry, blackcurrant and mulberry with violets and cedar. It's a dark maroon in colour and is a splendid winter wine for slow braises and pasta with ragout.

The palate is similarly fruity with plum and berry notes, and firm but gentle tannins. Full bodied, this has lovely length and texture and is beautifully balanced. A powerful mouthfeel where the acidity is finely balanced with the expression of both fruit and oak and a hint of dark chocolate and more smoky cedar. This is a wine to have with big meaty flavours, hard cheeses or even a dense chocolate pudding.

RRP - unsure - check with cellar door or online for availability

SA | 2018 | Coonawarra & Barossa | 14% ABV

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