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Oliver's Taranga 2021 Fiano

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We love Fiano here at Scoffer. There are a couple of rippers being made in different climates across the country but they all exhibit some incredibly similar characters.

An alternative varietal from the south of Italy, it is an ancient grape which has only seen a demand in the last decade or so, as our palates have become a bit more adventurous and we are swilling much less overly sweet and piquant tropical flavoured grape juice.

Fiano is kind of grown up and hip, and Oliver's Taranga is very much both of those things. We have been scoffing this for years and always manage to sneak a bottle or two into the cart when the better half isn't looking. A nice, bright nose with citrus, pear and ginger leading some more delicate stone fruit and beeswax, it's got loads of personality. On the palate, it's more stone fruit, some generous herbaceousness and a hint of cashew all melded together in linear fashion with a mineral length and a splendid quinine like finish.

Its a cracker of a wine, perfect for a spring afternoon in the garden among the blossoms with a chunk of good cheddar, a spicy thai salad. Heck, drink it on its own for no reason at all, just make sure you grab some. I reckon this vintage is a bloody ripper.

RRP: $27 at major retailers.

SA | 2021 | McLaren Vale | 12.2% ABV

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