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Old Youngs Handcrafted Spirits.

This Scoffer is not a fan of flavoured spirits - more a traditional, drink straight from the bottle kind of drinker, me! But now and then, we can be persuaded to put our thoughts aside and try something new.

A visitor returned from WA, specifically Henley Brook, NE of Perth with a couple fo bottles of Old Young's flavoured spirit. Prejudice aside, we grabbed the glassware, hacked off some ice from the old block and tasted. I have to confess the first was way to sweet for this palate It is pavlova flavoured Vodka and it sadly reminded me why I don't eat pav! It has a meringue base, and is infused with passionfruit, strawberry, kiwi, sugar, burnt sugar and vanilla. It's one hell of a flavour bomb, made with 100 wheat based Vodka and is a 40% ABV drop.

The one we did like, however, was the Old Youngs Cold Drip Coffee drink, made on 100% sugar cane Vodka. Don't expect it to be sweet however. Locally roasted Baba Budan beans are cold drip filtered and added to the spirit. That's it. No sugar, no sweetener. Just pure alcohol and coffee. They had me at coffee. It's also at 40% ABV and mixed in an espresso martini recipe it's delish. We added it to Frangelico and added a shot of coffee for a monks martini (we are trademarking that please!).

We had to order their smoked infusion online, so curios were we to check it out. It's good. 100 Australian wheat spirit, infused with hickory, cherrywood peat and eucalyptus, it makes a ripping bloody mary with some Olssons smoked salt and Lea & Perrins wooshy.

You can try Old Youngs across Australia (Try and Buy here) - I reckon you might just be converted like this stubborn old Scoffer.

RRP $65 online and at a variety of small stockists

WA | 2020 | Swan Valley | 40% ABV

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