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Nashdale Lane 2021 'The Social' Blanc

This wine was a great surprise - straight up. I was expecting, by the name, I might have encountered some sauvignon blanc in the mix, and I confess I am not a great fan of SB. But this is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, with a small amount of Frontignac grapes from a cold climate region, is incredibly bright and will be on heavy rotation here over summer. The wines are produced organically in Orange in central NSW, around 900m above sea level in rich, basalt heavy soil.

This is no great complex, textural titan at all, but is beautifully nuanced and clever and is a wine you can keep pouring and serving at a BBQ, dinner party or lazy lunch with pure joy. It took owners Nick and Tanya a decade to find the right place for them to grow the grapes they wanted and turn them into a style they love and take pride in. They have eight different varieties growing at altitude and they have a commitment to sustainability in the vineyard and wine making process, while ensuring wines are produced to really high standards. In the taste department at least, they are succeeding.

The nose is belting with green melon and stone fruit, with some fresh lemon and lime as well. The palate is not overtly acidic, again a surprise given the heavy citrus nose. Mellow and gentle acidity is matched with a well rounded mouthfeel with more of the melon and nectarine notes offering a little tartness. The mouthfeel is dominated by the chardonnay while the Pinot Gris balances out with notes of pear and honeysuckle. Native wild years assist in the fermentation process, allowing this wine to finish nice and long, suitable for a starter, a spicy Thai prawn salad or even to have with a gooey creamy cheese.

Nashdale Lane is a winery I am looking forward to exploring once things open up again. They have a big range of wines, and we are out with the plastic to give a few more of them a go in a mixed case. I'm rather intrigued as to what I might find, if this is anything to go on. Get social this summer with The Social Blanc from Nashale Lane.

RRP $30 online or at small NSW independents.

NSW | 2021 | Orange | 12.5% ABV

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