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My Paloma faith

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Moon Dog Great Minds Pink Alike Hibiscus Paloma IPA

Palomas are simple and special. Spanish for dove and the title of many bad songs from the 80's, a Paloma is tequila, lime and grapefruit and is as simple as it gets. I've had the pleasure of drinking them in some simple and very special places.

In my mind, Paloma's taste of sunsets and girls with flowers in their hair and Mexican beaches and waking with the midday sun and peace and walking up a hill in thongs and tacos made by Olga. Ohhh other places... Yes. Please!

Paloma's matter or at least they do to this man and so to the glass and yes; It looks like a Paloma! And yes; It even tastes like a Paloma! Imagine that?

The bitterness of the grapefruit is there in the beer, the bite is there, the lime is there. It is like I'm back in Mexico and I'm happy and there is another one waiting for me in the fridge.

Half an hour later and I'm into the second can, now that my excitement has cooled off ever so slightly and I begin to take more in. The scent is sweet, floral and beautiful - which I am sure is the influence of the hibiscus. It's beautifully ruby red in colour which only adds to my feelings of excitement. If I'm being hypercritical, maybe it's a little quick off the back of the pallet, it doesn't linger around. Like so many others in my life, she leaves just as I was starting to develop feelings. Thankfully there are plenty more beers in the sea.

Presently, this drink is only available through Moon Doggies Beer Club boxes, I love this, I need more of it and this needs to be added to the Moon Dog standard offering.

Find it where all good craft beer is sold.

Available as a member only promotion.


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