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Medhurst Estate 2020 Rosé

Can one Rosé be a winner for everyone? Whenever Rosé is mentioned in my circles, there are conflicting views of what it is - and its called everything from gay rosé, white girl rosé, real rosé and just rosé. Some are sugary sweet while others can be consumed by the gallon on a warm Queensland day. In some ways, it's the new Sauv Blanc - the go to for everyone from Gold Coast Mavens to Toorak Mums. Good rosé is very good and bad rosé, if not sickly sweet, is just bearable.

Medhurst Estate in the Yarra Valley has a very good rosé. Not overtly sweet but with enough fruit driven sweetness to tempt most palates. Full disclosure, my preference leans towards the savoury, flinty, mineral rosé's from the Camargue in the south of France, nice and dry and lean or those from Provence, similarly minerally with bright fruit profiles. This appeals greatly.

Medhurst's sits right in the middle of all of these things and as such, is very approachable for the serious drinker and those who want something fun. The colour is golden salmon, rather than lolly pink, and the nose is immediately all strawberry but with hints of guava, melon and lychee. It's kind of tropical, but not in an offensive way. It's both delicate and refined with notes of mock orange flower and honeysuckle.

The palate is mid weight with lean fruit and bright fresh acidity. A balanced and textured mouthfeel, it is delightfully layered with little teases of musk, chalky minerality and a long fine finish. A blend of cabernet and shiraz, its bold enough to satisfy and superbly made to embrace the assertiveness of the fruit but in an elegant way.

This is my Summer drinking, without question. At a good price point, and just as suitable for a light lunch to grilled salmon or chicken for dinner. Get hold of some, you will thank us for it.

RRP $27 from their online store or a good independent.

VIC | 2020| Yarra Valley | 13% ABV

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