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Lagavulin 16YO Single Malt

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Lagavulin distillery - Islay - Scotland

Known widely in the whisky community by a single statement: The King.

A dram of this amber liquid is literally an imagined journey from wherever you are now, to a dark cold stormy Scottish night, where the rain is lashing down sideways, and you are listening to the wind outside as you sit by the fire in your old stone cottage by the sea.This whisky is whisky personified.

Lagavulin is for many people, their gateway whisky. Its popularity means you will find it in almost every venue you go to and on many people's shelves. If you taste and enjoy Lagavulin it will open you up to the appreciation of so many other fine drams of a diverse nature. This is the whisky that gives you smoke, bacon and even a medicinal feel, it drinks easily and will be enjoyed from the first scent through to the after taste. It is distinctive and you could pick it by smell and taste with your eyes closed. Police line up would be easy.

Everyone remembers their first... Lagavulin was my first. It was a gift from my wife on her return from a business trip. Little did she know then, this would become a love affair. Spending $100+ on a bottle of whisky can be daunting if you are not sure if you will like it. Buy this with confidence you are making a fine choice.

RRP: $125+ at most large scale outlets

SCOTLAND | Islay | 43% ABV | 700ml


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