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Lady Marmalade, Stones Corner. Qld

Annoyingly, I cannot get the song from my head, and wanted to go somewhere with Creole Lady Marmalaaaaade. Voulez vous coucher avec moi and all of that. (Do you want to sleep with me is the literal translation, for those playing at home).

Lady Marmalade occupies a corner spot in an old building which was once a National Bank in the early days of Brisbane's life, before becoming a canary and bird hospital, and a record store. Now, it's one of our favourite stops in Brisbane, because of its eclectic vibe. Rustic raw brick walls, dark decor and French bistro chairs all combine to make it modern but they still nod to the building's rich history, with bird cages and all.

Whether you are after a cheeky lunchtime glass of wine or cocktail, or breakfast and some good coffee, it's the ideal stop on Logan Road. There's a half dozen mostly standard beers, a mix of 20 wines across sparkling, white, pink and red. I am always astounded, and remain so, when people put bog standard booze on a list (in this case Mumm Cordon Rouge) at a highly inflated price ($90) when the five bottle shops within walking distance (including a BWS all but across the road) sell this for $60. If you want a sparkling, talk to your wine reps about an on premise or perhaps choose a lesser know Champagne, Italian Prosecco or Spanish Cava. There are so many choices.

But this is a minor gripe in what is usually a good experience. What I love about the food here is there is clearly some imagination, and I can be a glutton at 9am just the same as I can at 1.30pm. (They close at 2pm during these restricted time so lunch diners need to be quick). Like the confit duck on a chili cornbread waffle with candied pecans and pecan butter. What is not to love about this dish (except for perhaps what it does to my cholesterol level)? We also scoffed down a plate of Black Angus meatballs in a very garlicky tomato sauce, a pumpkin caponata, ricotta and salad. Didn't need the rocket at all - the collective textural and visual appeal was enough to make us want to hoof in quickly.

Lady Marmalade is a favourite among this in the know on brisbane's southside and if you can make a booking do. There is an occasional wait for a table, especially later in the week but it is worth hanging on for. Howard and Sonja do a great job overseeing this lively iconic cafe.

Lady Marmalade is at 269 Logan Road, Stones Corner, (Corner of Cleveland St)

Open 7 days from 7am - 2pm (Kitchen closes 1.30).

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