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La Stagiaire 2020 Chardonnay

It has been said Barney Flanders is a genius. Who is he you ask? A craftsman, an artisan, a perfectionist - yes, to all of those. But he has something undefinable... TV cooking shows have destroyed the word passion so we usually avoid that like the plague, but it is a deep, abiding passion for making exceptional wine inside this affable chap.

The 2020 La Stagiaire Chardonnay is the epitome of his craft. Entirely fruit driven without the interference of oak or mucking around with it all, thank you very much, it is incredibly linear, crunchy and crisp, and oh so bloody good. The grapes are all Mornington, from three different vineyards.

The juice sat on its lees for six months, providing a lovely complexity to this wine. On first whiff with the drinking buddy, I called honey, white peach, nectarine and some citrus pith. The palate is zippy with more ripe stone fruit, green apple, grapefruit and a bit of salty flint about it. There's loads to love about this wine, not least it is exceptional quality and value.

Pair this with any piece of fish, oily or not, some fresh from the bbq chicken skewers or a good chunk of vintage cheddar cheese. I was searching the fridge in the hope a second bottle had miraculously appeared or the first one had cloned itself knowing we would want another. Its superb and I am gagging for more.

RRP $27 from good bottle shops

Victoria | 2020 | Mornington Peninsula | 12.2 ABV%

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