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La Famiglia at La Madonna - Melbourne

There is something to be said for having your Sunday roast prepared for you by a couple of uber talented chefs who are going to take you on a culinary journey through their combined cultural heritage.

We were invited to sample the launch of this idea at La Madonna at Melbourne's Next Hotel

While it was a gifted lunch, so we are not reviewing, but we do want to share the idea that you can spend $65 a person on a generous 3 course lunch, with carafe's of Pinot Grigio or Pinot added for $30 a throw (pretty darn cheap for a reasonable wine).

First up is some house made bread, with a selection of pickles the chefs are making, stracciatella topped with basil, tomatoes and olive oil, a plate of bresaola, mortadella and salami, and a side of stunning Lakes Entrance sardines with preserved lemon (and a great deal of olive oil for me to slop up with the bread).

This was followed by porchetta with crispy crackling, green beans and a salad of dressed leaves and parmesan. The dessert was a family style tiramisu which was boozy and creamy and loaded with coffee and chocolate which is exactly what you want in a tiramisu.

Those chefs are Danny Natoli and Adrian Li - combining their Italian and Hong Kong heritages together to create the menu at La Madonna. It's well worth checking out for a great Sunday lunch with some friends, and nobody has to wash the dishes. Hang around at the bar after lunch and try one of their barrel aged Negronis (really... one!)

And thanks to Brocky Oz for the snaps

La Madonna is at Next Hotel at 103 Little Collins

Open 7am - 10am for breakfast, Noon - 3pm for lunch and 6pm - Midnight for dinner, 7 days a week

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