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Its 'Heaps Normal'. Heaps Normal XPA

This weeks review is taking something of a turn. After having some serious discussions with the mirror and the bathroom scales, it was agreed that the Covid kilos have gotten the better of this beer scoffer and some time away from the beers would be a good thing. But what to drink while attending the long awaited BBQs and drinks with family and friends? Let's assess some options:

Sodas and Fizzy? Please, were trying to lose weight here.

Water? Good suggestion, if a little dull.

Cordial? I'm not seven.

Tea or coffee? At an Australian BBQ? I'd look insane.

Enter the non-alcoholic beer! These seem to be a trend that refuses to go away with "Brunswick Aces" Australia's first non-alcoholic bar opening in Brunswick. Today were talking Heaps Normal Quiet XPA.

I remember drinking non-alcoholic beers around decade ago in the UK, the memories of sour sweet malty mess with gungy gooey foam lingering with misintent, perseveres to today. And so the new breed of zero and no alcohol beers are starting with my mistrust and skepticism.

I shouldn't have been so distrusting - this is a great beer in and of itself. The nose is hoppy and the flavour is well rounded with citrus and tropical notes married with bitter and proper beer flavour. It's just good.

The guys at Heaps Normal were 4 mates - each having their own reasons for creating this brew and reducing their alcohol consumption, be that growing weary of the booze in general, a family history of alcohol abuse, the challenge implicit in creating something beer drinkers would recognise as beer or a drive to enjoy a drink while competing in professional sport their story is interesting and complex. I'm glad these stories are backed up in a great Aussie product.

Lastly, if you need proof that these guys truly are good blokes, they sponsor a comedy podcast about air-rage incidents. Mid-flight brawls and Heaps Normal are both great.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Cans - 24 x 355mL $69.95


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