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Its BeerMas time

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I like to think I've been dumped by some magnificent women. Sometimes they break your heart, sometimes they take the house but always they always leave something behind. The most recent one left behind a craft beer advent calendar! So join me in ticking of the days of loneliness, I mean Advent as I review one beer per day to Christmas! Is this sustainable? Will I get bored before the end? It doesn’t matter, its Christmas.

On the first day of Advent, my ex love gave to me. A Blackman's White Peach Hazy Pale. Combining the best of the hazy pale and peach iced tea into the ultimate Summer sipper screams the can, but does it meet the promised standards? The peachy nose is lovely and reminiscent of the best lollies in the Haribo tangfastics, good so far. The taste, nope. For me this is unbalanced, I found the sweet of the peach tea with the bitterness of the beer a little off, which makes the whole thing seen a little gimmicky and unnecessary, I hate gimmicks. It's a no from me Clive!

On the second day of advent, my ex love gave to me.

A Capital Brewing Co Hang Loose Juice NEIPA

Regular readers will know I am a proper fan of NEIPA, love love love! This excitement is quelled somewhat by the chukkas on the can, I really hate chukkas. Despite the chukkas this is a great beer,. It has an excellent nose rich with tropical notes, the flavour is lovely, juicy and nicely rounded out with bitterness of grapefruit pith at the finish. Really like this, roll on the 3rd.

On the 3rd day of Advent, my ex love gave to me...

An Akasha Canada Bay XPA

Good lord would you look at that can! Soft pastel tones and satisfying shapes, oh triangles! Oh yes please! Wait, is that an Illuminati symbol with a hop inside it? It doesn't matter lets move on quickly.

Its a classic Extra Pale Ale or XPA, well executed with a nice dryness to the finish, perfect for BBQs or a sessionable afternoon down the local but its not really lifting my skirt. Lets look at that can again - gorgeous!

On the 4th day of Advent, my ex love gave to me...

A Frenchies Pretty Please Milkshake IPA Cream and Mangos

Another cracker of a can with a lovely french bulldog on the label - there are soft lines and off white and gold colouring ... nice. I love can art (note to self investigate beer-can collage / mural)

On to the contents of the can, this is sweet vanilla mango, its Queensland in December, its Thai mango and sticky rice, its sweet as a beer could ever be and so delicious for it. My tasting notes were mainly groans and swears, make of that what you will.

On the 5th day of Advent, my ex love gave to me

A Moon Dog Pineapple Sour Ale

I love Moon Dog, I really do - the big boys like Magic EyePA, Ogden Nash and my all time favourite of theirs, the Hibiscus Paloma IPA are the dizzying heights these guys can reach. I suppose with all that experimentation, there would be some misses and sadly this is one of those. Like the cherry sour ale before it, this does very little for me, sour but not particularly interesting, pretty insipid. Sorry doggies, I still love you though.

On the 6th day of Advent, my ex love gave to me

A Hawkers IPA

Hell yes. A cracking classic IPA with big piney flavours, a little tropical fruit in there and even some orange maybe? Possibly I was influenced by the wonderful orange can. I wonder if I am that easily manipulated? Probably. Great brewery, great IPA. Love it.

On the 7th day of Advent, my ex love gave to me

A Green Beacon Brewing Co Best Bud Larger

Is anyone else beginning to notice the theme of odd day = fine, even day = good? Well today is an odd day and it's fine. Lagers are hard to get all that excited about for me but I'm home late from futsal and I'm eating a curry and a larger is hitting the spot pretty well.

Crisp, dry and well.... fine.

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