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Inkwell 2017 'Blonde on Blonde' Viognier

Vee On Yay - I know it looks hard but it's pretty simple, unlike the wine itself which is quite complex. This grape, a little like Pinot Noir, can be quite divisive. Some Australian examples of this are elegant and fragrant, while others are bigger, meatier wines, heavily oaked and robust. This sits fimly outside of both of those descriptions.

Grown in McLaren Vale, this is yet another example of minimal intervention wines done absolutely right. Since 2005, the wines have been fermented with indigenous wild yeasts, without any additions to bugger up the fruit doing its thing and producing a luscious, textured and stunningly balanced wine.

Viognier is often blended - with Shiraz, or with Roussanne and Marsanne to create the Rhone style MRV's we love from the Goulburn Valley and Strathbogie regions, as well as up in the north east. This is the epitome of grape for me - nose, palate, texture, acidity - it's got the lot. The nose is intensely apricot, lime and peach with marzipan and a zincy salty note, with some ginger and citrus blossom hints. The palate is rich, luscious and layered - lots more apricot and stone fruit here, there's mandarin and nuts, honeysuckle, lavender and with a lot of crunchy acidity rounding it out.

A linear acid line to the end, its tight but superbly balanced with a lovely finish, making me want to keep reaching for yet another glass. It demands food - and will partner very well with spicy Thai or Malaysian food, or pop it in the fridge while you roast a chook. Just make sure you grab a bottle or two.

RRP $30 from sensible independents or direct online

SA | 2017 | McLaren Vale | 11.8% ABV


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