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Hesketh 2021 Bright Young Things Sauvignon Blanc

Whilst Savvy B has long been the beverage of choice for inner suburban house mums and tennis playing ladies, I must confess to being one of those who maligns this uber tropical grape juice and resulting wines. I am less perturbed about its close cousin of the Chenin kind. I also confess to enjoying a fume blanc, which uses the same grape but ages on oak and offers some well developed character which seem to make it less intense on my palate.

Having said that, and having oft moaned about the dominance of the New Zealand churning factories overloading our major chains with gallons of the stuff, I like it when I find an exception to my derision. Hesketh Bright Young Things from the Limestone Coast of SA is one of those.

Let's start with the nose - there is less of the overtyl tropical passionfruit and guava notes, with an abundance of citrus, like pink grapefruit or pomelo characters interspersed with hints of gooseberry, lychees, honeysuckle, green apple and other florals, with some ripe peach and nectarine notes as well. It does have a touch of the tropical about it but it's not a punch in the face.

The palate is fresh, bright and crunchy with some classic herbaceousness and notes of aforementioned passionfruit. It's a tad sweet for mine but has a fair acid structure which makes it drinkable. It's not something I can drink much of but it will please the masses.

This is also their entry level brand, so expectations need to be set to both the price point and the market position. That being said, against the over abundance of very average Sav Blanc, it's good.

RRP $15

SA | 2021 | Limestone Coast | 12.5% ABV

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