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Heirloom Vineyards 2020 Touriga

Zar Brooks is not a man easily forgotten. He is a bold, cheeky chap and someone I spent a bit of time with when a mutual friend was married. Even more talented is his wife Elena, the winemaker and driving force behind South Australia's Heirloom Vineyards. Elena grew up in Bulgaria and has made wine there, in Spain and here in Australia.

There is a deep and abiding commitment to quality at Heirloom. This vineyard was conceived in 2000, with two very distinct promises: To preserve the best of tradition, the old world of wine and our unique old vineyards and to champion the best clones of each variety planted in the most appropriate sites embracing the principals of organic farming.

This Touriga is made for drinking - and not by snobby wine minds who want to keep it a secret. It is very consumer friendly and if this is the first time trying a Touriga, then you are making a fine choice. The nose is loaded with bright raspberry and cherry, as well as some lovely herby notes. There is fruit in abundance and a suggestion of red liquorice like scent and a beautiful bright crimson colour,

The palate is delightfully savoury and well weighted with a dry, earthy finish and some luscious velvety tannins. There is a bright acidity and is mid weighted. This would have been great with some triple smoked ham for Christmas had I found it in time.

For those playing at home, Touriga is a Portuguese grape, used a lot in the past for port however, it is taking off as a single varietal, with some excellent examples being made here in Australia, while it is most popular in the Douro and Dao regions of Portugal.

Give this a whirl - its a ripper of a wine and a great introduction to another alternative style emerging in the Australian market. Also, let it rest a little and see how it evolves in the coming years. I reckon it might be like a solid SA cabernet.

RRP $40

SA | 2020 | McLaren Vale | 13.5% ABV

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