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Harvey's Hot Sandwiches are, well... hot!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Sydneysiders will tell you a drive to Parramatta is a long way to go for a sandwich, but as those who have made the journey or are lucky enough to live nearby, will tell you, it's worth the trip.

If your hankering leads you to thick fluffy, crunchy white bread rolls, stuffed chock full of meaty, cheesy goodness with some excellent house produced sauce, then Harvey's is for you. This is not rocket science, it sandwiches but by jove, they are good.

You can have them sloppy or simple, but we are not savages, so of course we want them sloppy with ranch dressing, slaw and cheese. Classics are simple - club, meatball, parmie or salad. Brekkie rolls are served until midday for those who rise late, and want to snag a deal of a coffee and a sanger for a lazy tenner.

We ordered a couple of rolls to scoff and share. Having travelled a lot in the NE of the US, a Philly cheesesteak was a must. Shaved scotch fillet, sweet grilled onions, red pepper spread and oodles of provolone make this a Harvey's version of the classic American but with a nice twist. Was it authentic Philly... like you'd find outside Citizens Bank Park? No, but its good nonetheless. I'm a mustard man - specifically that almost neon yellow stuff the Americans put on everything in a roll. But it was good.

You know what else was good? The Nashville Hot Chicken - buttermilk fried chicken tenders, slaw, pickles and comeback sauce - which is not far from a seafood cocktail or thousand island but with a serious amount of chili. You get to choose whether you want hot, damn hot or WTF hot - we went damn hot and it was exactly that.

This very solid attempt at an American sandwich bar also serves a decent cup of joe - and a nutella hot chocolate which is so ridiculous but delish. A suite of floats, frescas and softies are available. Try as I might, I could not find a root beer which would have really transported me back to a Phillies game.

Well priced, great fun and some solid tucker - take the trip to Parramatta, you might be surprised how this inland city is really becoming the Brooklyn of Sydney. (And we mean that as a compliment).

Shop 4.05 / 12 Darcy Street Parramatta 2150 NSW

Open Mon - Fri from 7am. Sat and Sun from 11am

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