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Getting naughty with Naught Gin

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

It will become alarmingly apparent we Scoffers have an unhealthy relationship with gin. We simply cannot get enough and eventually will probably drown under the weight of over consumption. They will say we died trying and we re happy with that. But we are a bit naughty constantly on the search for yet another gin.

Produced in Eltham in Melbourne's outer north, Naught bounced into our consciousness pre-release with an Australian Dry Gin - a heady mix of juniper, star anise and native wattleseed, layered over a wheat grain spirit.

It's dry, there is no question, and has a well thought out textural make up. Where there is warm spice from the star anise, there is a lovely pithy orange note and the almost mocha notes from the toasted wattleseed, all melded together to offer a beautifully layered drinking experience.

It will drink just as easily with air dried orange slices and soda as it will with a Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Its a well balanced gin, with nothing dominating and is the perfect choice for a French 75 or a negroni.

It pleasingly popped up in the August delivery from the Garden Street Gin Club with dried oranges and said tonic. What is it they say about great minds thinking alike?

Joining the Australian dry gin is a sangiovese gin reminiscent of another red wine gin from a big Aussie player and an over proof gin which is a belter. They are all great gins with a perfectionist at the helm.

Buy their gin at the Ginporium or good independent liquor retailers.

RRP $79 (700ml)

Vic | 2021 | Eltham | 41.7% ABV


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