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Getting frisky with whisky

Launceston distillery Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky. Small cask matured in a tawny cask.

Distilled in the famous Hangar 17 at Launceston Airport.

The British as a people are known for their many traditions. Whether that is the pomp and circumstance of a Royal event, our love hate relationship with the Wimbledon tournament, (ah Tim Henman 2001), or our relentless love affair with a good cup of tea, there are many and varied beautiful traditions enjoyed and celebrated each and every day, each and every year.

For me, one of these is my family Christmas growing up... (I promise I am coming to whisky). Christmas was not complete until the evening of Christmas day, when we were fat and happy, and after a long lunch it was time for the Christmas cake.

It is this tradition that brings me neatly to this fine Launceston distillery drop. The strong marzipan smell, beautiful crisp golden colour take me to the anticipation of a Christmas night. The taste is like the liquid embodiment of Christmas cake with beautiful light spices and dried fruit.

A touch of water will soften the alcohol and enable yet more Christmassy flavours to the fore, perhaps picking up the marzipan at the end a little more.

As a big whisky fan, I often judge my whisky by if I would or could have a second drink at one sitting. Some I try and love, but they are a one per session dram. Happily, I would take my Mum's Christmas cake everyday of the year, and this fine Launceston distillery single malt is a constant almost daily reminder of my personal favourite tradition.

It's hard to stop at one.

Enjoy it reasonably priced before they win so many awards,it becomes hard to get.

RRP: $140 at good independents or order online.

Tasmania | 2020 | Launceston | 46% ABV | 500ml


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