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Fowles 'Are you Game' 2020 Arneis

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

My first arneis seems forever ago now but I know it came from the King Valley and was a particularly exciting wine for me, that creature of habit who kept drinking the same wine. Oh how times have changed.

Fowles have never let me down with a choice and this Arneis is no different. It's part of a suite of seven wines under the Are You Game label from Fowles. They know how to have fun with branding and the occasionally whimsical approach to wine is something I've always loved. The range is priced at an even $20, pretty good going for a decent bottle of wine.

And they are very decent. I had first tried the Pinot Noir (stunning label) and for a red lobster, it's a perfectly good mid weight wine so I simply had to try the Arneis. The nose is a lovely melange of pear, nectarine and white peach, with hints of citrus flowers and a suggestion of Tahitian lime and green melon. Very mild flint and chalk but certainly the fruit is dominant.

The palate is really approachable, and like all the wines in this range, is very drinkable. There is a terrific zestiness to it with more of the fruit charged robustness at the front and the lovely tart finish. Great length and a fine, linear acid structure shows great balance and also, some real fun. Tis rather moreish and one bottle seems just not enough. There is a real riesling like influence here, made evident by the addition of both King Valley and Strathbogie riesling with a splash of chardonnay adding to the great texture.

Have it on its own as a late afternoon Summer tipple or down it with bbq mushrooms or a pork chop on the bbq. There is enough acid to cut through a bit of fat and will also sit very well with a salad. Great value for money, stunning branding on the range and some cheekiness from Fowles wines, who gave us Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch - What's not to love?

RRP $20

Vic | 2020 | Strathbogie | 13% ABV

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