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Florida Vice by Tallboy and Moose

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I am very late to the sour party, like crypto-currencies and double denim. Before, I viewed the sours as flash in the pan novelties best left to someone more financially and aesthetically daring than I. As with so many things, time has made a mockery of me and my opinions and sours are here to stay.

What was I expecting? Not what is in my mouth that's for sure, I'm not sure it tastes like a beer. Certainly it looks like one, and acts like one. It has a great orange tinged colour and the flavour is all sour-acidic-tartness from the orange preceded by some sweetness which makes for a lip smacking combination.

At 6% it packs a punch without the mouth-coating roundness that I would associate with say, an IPA, of the same ABV. This is a very drinkable, non-session sour which would spell danger for anyone enjoying a few Florida Vice's on a warm evening with setting Springtime sun.

Lastly a few words for the design on the can. There are few images which bring to mind the humble orange faster than the state of Florida. One image which does must be a police pursuit of white Ford Bronco containing The Juice.

Tallboy and Moose is brewpub in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

Florida Vice from Tallboy & Moose

270 Raglan Street Preston. VIC. 3072

ABV 6%. $4 - $24

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