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Fleet Young Wines 2021 Pinot Gris

Like sand through the hourglass, the days of our lives continue, and our love for skin contact and minimal intervention wines is ever more exuberant. For a 'late to the party type,' I am embarrassed by my first attempts at natural wines and the carry on. But, I am here, I am in your corner, I am on your side.

This Mornington Pinot Gris is made with two different ferments, one destemmed and the other whole bunch, and 14 days later, they were blended, stirred and bottled without too much intervention. which in itself is interesting enough. It is a very robust and a little bit cheeky but wow. Rather a marvellous drop indeed. Ever more interesting as it opens up a bit.

It is a spicy little number, loaded with spiced pear, rose, vermouth and jasmine and mock orange like aromas with notes of watermelon and apple. The palate is richly textured, thanks in part to the skin contact and there are some exuberant chalky tannins. My mind is playing tricks with me because there is a eucalypt type suggestion here as well, which continues to pile on the interest and tempt us to find even more in here.

The thing here, among all that luscious nose and all is the texture. This is superbly layered and multi dimensional, quite unafraid to be quirky and fun. We are eating an overly spicy Nasi Goreng so the match is spectacular. The unfined and unfiltered nature has allowed some of that sweet fruit punch to hang around while the aforementioned tannins continue to assert themselves with gusto.

A bloody good example of what can happen when you jolly well leave things alone.

RRP $32

VIC | 2021 | Mornington | 13% ABV

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