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Farmer's Leap Random Shot 2016 Shiraz

There is no question I love a value deal, and am a great fan of the discounted offer. Not a tight ass but I give me something less than full price and I am all over it. This 2016 Random Shot Shiraz presented itself for a bargain, so I took it.

From Farmer's Leap in the Padthaway region in South Australia, it is produced by Scott Longbottom, a 4th generation farmer on the patch of dirt. Originally producing onions, sheep and cattle, part of the property was put out to vine in 1993.

This is not going to change your world, but if you want a tidy, reliable and good bottle of wine, you cannot go wrong. Padthaway sits on limestone, and is about 60 kms north west of the Coonawarra region, around 300 kms from Adelaide. The limestone aquifers under the region are ancient and stretch all the way down to the coast.

Geography done - let's get back to the wine. It's quite rich on the nose, loaded with red berries, hints of wild fennel and star anise. Some crushed mulberries and ripe plums come to mind, with toasted spice notes as well. The palate is rich and juicy, loaded with ripe red fruit and spice, with a little black pepper just at the back and a sweet rounded mouthfeel. It finishes well, with smooth velvety tannins and a suggestion of native river mint lingering about.

For its entry level price, this is a very good bottle of wine. It will sit well with a rack of lamb, or some dark chocolate if you want to be a little indulgent.

RRP $18 online

SA | 2016 | Padthaway | 14.5% ABV

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