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Fairy Bread White 2020 Field Blend

Look - why not? I was in a wine store and saw this bottle, and discovered it was a blend of Gewurztraminer, Nelson Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, made by a craft brewer and unfined and unfiltered. What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, very little. Fairy Bread (I kid you not) is made by the Garage Project, started by Pete Gillespie & Jos Ruffell with help from Pete’s brother Ian. When they started out they were tiny. Garage Project wasn't even micro brewing... it was truly nano brewing. These three bearded clever ruffians have grow to be one of the most respected small brewing organisations in New Zealand, and so have turned their hand to wine. Wine not, we say.

Fairy Bread (in white, rose and red) is just one of their projects in the vinous space. The Beer Scoffer (a professed mad fan of The Garage Project) was called on immediately for a show and tell, and to help me taste (and by that I mean drink) this very interesting bottle. There is clearly a sense of whimsy here, from the label adorned with hundreds and thousands on white bread, to the organic and unrefined product in the bottle.

The nose is all musk lollies and apricot logs, passionfruit and green apples, and flowers and tropical fruit. The influence of every one of those grapes is evident in spades. On the palate it is brightly acidic, both tart and sweet at the same time. There is more crunchy green apple and chewiness from the tannins from time on skins, and a lovely, creamy mouthfeel. I wasn't sure if I was delighted or disappointed which is always a good thing. But after a few minutes at room temp and some more time in the glass, it was utter delight. I want more please.

This is all co-fermented, and there is a lot of texture going on as well as the incredible flavour punch. But it is exceptionally well structured, has a some lazy lees lying around and is a juicy joyful delight which should be at every party. It comes in cans, there is a red and rose version we are getting our mitts on tout suite and we are excited to try more of what these bearded brewers have to offer in the wine department. Cos this is shit hot.

RRP $28 at the groovy wine shops.

NZ | 2020 | Wellington | 12% ABV

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