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Emerald Island Distillery Premium Dry Gin

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

We're known to get a bit giddy on a sniff of the barmaid's apron, which suggests a love of quality over quantity. Not always the case, sadly but with Emerald Island Distillery's Premium Dry Gin, it was. This is a deceptively small bottle at just 375ml.

Emerald Island Distillery is at Emerald Beach, a short swim north of Coffs Harbour on the mid north coast of NSW. Named for an island not sighted since 1821, this micro distillery is all about local botanicals and a nod to place.

One of just five gins, including an intriguing barrel aged gin which just loves a good slurp of ginger ale, their standard Premium Dry gin is a little ripper. There is a lot to like about this place and to be fair it was a random but happy discovery.

There are typical strong juniper notes along with some tricky little citrus - I am informed its cumquat from their own tree. Tasting notes also suggest raspberry from a local grower but I struggled to find it. Like I often struggle to find keys or glasses.

The branding is bloody beautiful. Back labels provide stunning imagery in the bottle and while it is nearing the top end of the spend on gin (equates to $100 for a 750ml), its well worth it for the bottles alone. Their Sloe gin is on its way to my door as we speak.

Buy their gin online.

RRP $50 (375ml)

NSW | 2021 | Coffs region | 42% ABV

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