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Did someone say Pav?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The iconic Australian dessert has found a new hoe in Alphington on Melbourne's inner north east. OK New Zealand - we hear you. Like Crowded House, Russell Crowe and everything else good we claim, except your rugby team, we know it's really yours!

Created by Nerida McPherson, whose voice you might know from in flight food podcasts, Pav Queen is yet another COVID success story. Nerida wanted to make a pav for a friend and took 18 attempts to get it right. Once she did, a new found passion was unlocked and a business was born, after the recipient dropped the work of dessert art into Insta. The rest, as they say...

Nerida has roped Mum and daughter into helping her produce her lovely crunchy pillowy soft Pav's and they can be ordered online from the store in Alphington for delivery. You can even order a box of minis in case your social distancing is stricter than most.

When we are not locked down, the store sells all manner of delicious things alongside pavs, including some very good coffee. If ever you needed a reason to be vaxxed, it's so you can go out for a pav.

This number has been created with the Porkstars for International Bacon Day on September 4, and has a peach and lemon curd filling, and is topped with a bacon, pecan and maple brittle. It almost looks too good to eat, and even though I am not much of a fan of the pav (or Russell Crowe and Crowded House for that matter...the All Blacks we can discuss), I am going to hoof in and scoff it, just because it has bacon on it. I need little more encouragement than that.

Pav Queen is at 48 Wingrove Street Alphington

Open Weds - Sun from 10am

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