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Deeds Brewing - Pomona's Harvest and a little hazy pale.

Pomona's Harvest is a double fruited cream sour from Deeds Brewing of whom I knew little and this is soon to change because wow. Wowsers trousers!

Let's just skip the scene setting bit and get straight into the fact this is magic. This is fruity, fruity, fruity and simply delicious. The nose is all apricots with a beautiful little sharpness to it. The taste is sensational, its deep, apricots are front and centre, backed up by lime and raspberries. There is so much going on - sourness, creaminess, tartness, it's all there in spades. The complexity is delightful and surprising and best of all interesting. I'm utterly loving this.

Further to that complexity, the balance is spot on. It seems to grip on the inside of the mouth and gives and a complete mouth sensation. There is a creaminess to this also, how that is managed with the tartness of the fruit I honestly have no idea and this is inspiring me to find out how this is done. I need to lift the curtain and peak at the workings of this wonderful new sensation, this is thrilling. I want to sit and drink gallons of this but I can't, as its 7.7% ABV which is,at my age, a weekend ruiner.

So what actually is this I'm drinking? Evidently this is a tribute in the month of August to Pomona the Roman Goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards and the Roman roots are nodded to with the beautiful mosaic design of the can. The holistic view of this little drink is clear, this is thoughtful, complete and beautiful and that shines out at you from the design.

Am I making this clear enough? This is marvellous and makes me so happy. Treat yourself to one. From this can alone I will be trying everything these folks make - if this is anything to go by, there is a powerhouse of brewing within 5kms from my doorstep.

RRP $46 4 x 400ml cans - at selected beer houses or at the venue. 7.7% ABV

4 Paran Pl, Glen Iris VIC 3146

Oh...While I'm here. That Pomona encouraged me to try the Deeds Double Time Hazy Pale.

This is also a cracker, and differing from the hazy IPAs we have been enjoying a lot of recently here at Scoffer HQ. The nose is tropical although not in a dominant way, it has a nice pleasant, sweet nose and I'm keen to taste. Sweet on the front with a punchy languorous bitter finish which I love.

This is a cracker of a standard pale and very comfortable to sit alongside Stomping Ground or Mornington Pale in your belting standard Pale Ale category. I feel that Deeds Brewing have a lot going on and I'm super keen to get down to their tap room in Glen Iris and sample some more interesting brews. I may just have found a new favourite.

RRP $78 24 x 375ml cans. 4.6%ABV

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