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Daily Dose Passionfruit Gose - Mountain Culture Beer

This past week there were heated discussions in Scoffer HQ on all things beer branding. Sparked by the GABS (Great Australian Beer Spectacular) Can design awards, we have been arguing colours, style, theme, boldness, font and why are there so many cans with skeleton designs, that's odd isn't it?

All of that branding talk brought to mind Daily Dose Passionfruit Gose from Mountain Culture Beer Co, mainly because this is a delicious, fruity drink in a can which I would never have picked up off the shelf. Had it not been from sheer luck I would have missed out on this well rounded, chewy little number.

But first what are we talking about here? Gose is a sour wheat beer from Germany, made with a minimal amount of hops which removes the bitterness from the palate and flavored with coriander and salt. This style is a sour but tends not to have the intense tartness usually associate with a sour. In short this is a summer beer.

The Daily Dose has a great passionfruity nose and a beautiful hazy yellow colour. But the winner here is the flavour - there is plenty of passionfruit in the mouth and it really packs a punch and it hangs around too which for a sour is rare. This was a really pleasant surprise to me, given my lack on engagement with the can, which to my eye appears to be better suited to an own-brand fruit juice. This is a great summery beer and a new favourite.

And so back to those can awards. Those of us who loved themselves sick at GABS (Great Australian Beer Spectacular) back in May may be forgiven for thinking this was a fantasy of another life. Only 4 months ago I too was in a packed auditorium, with paddles of beers from each corner of the country and beyond - drinking, laughing, buying my beloved beer branded t-shirts and grooving around to a oompah band like all the rest of the audience. Well, GABS is back in the collective consciousness in the form of their can awards and I can't recommend highly enough to get yourself along to their voting page (click here) and enjoy looking at some marvellous designs and maybe even treat yourself to a four pack or two from a new brewery. Technically it's art so hold your head up high - you're a connoisseur!

Voting closes on Sunday 10th October. (AEST).

Daily Dose Passionfruit Gose - Mountain Culture Beer Co. RRP $8

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