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d'Arenberg 2021 'The Sensorial Surfer' Fiano

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Oh hello! McLaren Vale, like many wine regions, tends to alternative varieties really well. It has the right climactic mix of heat and cool nights for southern European wines to flourish.

This '21 d'Arenberg The Sensorial Surfer Fiano is a ripping example of what this wine can be. Hailing from the far southern regions of Italy and its islands, Fiano is generally a wine with great texture and high natural acidity. The team here have allowed the acidity to remain distinct but not dominant. It has a lovely sweet and perfumed nose with honey, ripe citrus and vanilla.

Once you get it into the glass, you'll find a mix of melon, stone fruit and sweet citrus and a certain chewy deliciousness, gripping the inside of the cheeks. It has great personality, for such a young 'un and if you enjoy a Vietnamese green mango salad, then this would be the juice version of it without the spice.

d'Arenberg have held a special place as innovators not just in McLaren Vale but globally. Who can forget the incredible cube which has become a feature of any skyline image of the region. McLaren Vale is just 35 kms from the heart of Adelaide's CBD and is a diverse little region who have punched well above their weight on the world wine map.

Pair with spicy Asian salads like the aforementioned Vietnamese gỏi xoài or a Thai Som Tum (Green papaya salad)

RRP: $25 - easily found at many a decent wine shop or online.

South Australia | 2021 | McLaren Vale | 13.5% ABV


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