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Colpasso Grillo 2020

Regular readers will know I have a love of anything alternative. Ubiquitous white varietals like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay make up what seems like 90-95% of shelves in major, everyday walk in chain stores. It is refreshing to not only find an alternative to these wines but its also good to find something at an entry level price. Enter, Colpasso Grillo.

The grapes are predominantly grown in Sicily, but there are some emerging wines from Australian producers. It grows very well in hot climates, so look to Sunraysia, Heathcote, Riverina to find some of these. Chalmers Wines make a great version with grapes grown in Heathcote.

Like a Sav Blanc, this is high in acidity and can be a little hot alcohol wise, but the Colpasso is not so. Imported from Italy, this certainly has a belting citrus acid profile to it with some herbaceous and oily notes to round it out. There are also hints of stone fruit and a natural honey like stickiness on the palate.

The nose offers up a lot of citrus, nectarine and grapefruit, while the palate tends to a chalky dryness. Its not unpleasant but I would pair with some salty snacks. Think salt and pepper squid, white anchovies on toast or a prosciutto arancini. There is a long, minerally vein lengthening this out across the palate along side a saltiness which tempers the high acidity.

It's a summer drinker, might level out a bit with some age but probably best for drinking now. At the price point, it is the best partner for a summer barbecue or day by the sea.

RRP $13.50

ITALY| 2020 | Sicily | ABV 13%

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