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Champagne Vadin-Plateau Carac'terre Premier Cru

We have to start with the fact we love Champagne. Can drink it like water and when we win a lottery, will somehow have it on tap. I kid you not. I did bang on about one of my faves - Canard Duchene and now another little hidden gem, Champagne Vadin-Plateau Carac'terre Premier Cru. Yann Vadin is the 9th generation to grow grapes in the family vineyards.

Maison Vadin-Plateau was founded in 1785 and is located in the heart of the Grande Vallée de la Marne in the village of Cumières, very close to Épernay, the "capital of Champagne". The family's vineyard has grown over the centuries and today covers seven hectares, which are divided into seven villages with their respective very different characteristics. All face south or southeast and are planted exclusively with Pinot Meunier (44%), Pinot Noir (39%) and Chardonnay (17%) - depending on the individual soil profile. Some are classified as Premier Cru and others Grand Cru.

This is a 2012 vintage - seems to be something about this vintage appealing to my palate. It is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay, and is matured under a natural cork, which ensures exceptional complexity and purity with fresh fruit aromas and mineral notes. A champagne "zéro dosage", this is particularly dry but textural. Along with strong but refined yeasty notes, think warm bread from the oven and sesame seed, there are strawberry and pink lady apple, cashew and white pepper on the nose. The bead is very fine, and it is medium bodied with bright, natural acidity. There are more strawberry, apple and grapefruit hints on the palate and the finish is very clean, very linear and superbly balanced.

There are floral notes on the end and combined with the yeast and crisp acidity, it presents as both light yet bold at the same time. Bottled in 2013, there are only around 1200 bottles produced, so if you can find it, expect to cough up some decent coin.

RRP $125+ if you can find it online.

No website available

France | 2012 | Cumières | 12.5% ABV

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