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Château Oumsiyat Blanc de Blanc 2018. Lebanon

Im not as au fait with Lebanese wine as I should be. A recent trip to the UK has changed that, with both wine lists and decent 'Offy's' showcasing some of them. This was on a wine list at our dining experience at Cafe Luca in central London.

It's a blend of 60% Ugni Blanc, 20% Clairette, with the remainder a mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Ugni Blanc is an interesting grape, used in Cognac and Armagnac due to its high acidity, and also known in Italy as Trebbiano. Clairette is mostly grown in wine regions of Provence, Rhône and Languedoc and is also used in Australia in sparkling wines.

The nose is redolent with notes of peach, apricot and apples, with a suggestion of tartness. Further, there are some floral notes like jasmine and mock orange flowers as it hits the palate. It's luscious and fruit driven dominated by the almost tropical , with a chalkiness to it which is not unpleasant at all, and a linear saline/sea spray like finish. It has good weight and a fresh clean finish, with more nectarine and orange blossom.

Château Oumsiyat is in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, and has been owned by the Bou Sleiman family for four generations. They are committed to making wines expressing both Old World and New World wines. This is a lovely wine and one I want to have more of.

RRP Unsure but around £20

LEBANON |2018 |Bekaa Valley | 13%

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