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Brown Magpie 2018 Pinot Noir

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Geelong is often referred to as an emerging wine region, lesser known perhaps than its better known Victorian cousins. The Surf Coast region is perched just behind the Great Ocean Road, and with a maritime climate and some clever winemakers, you can have a wonderful day or two of driving out of Melbourne, a 'there and back' if you will, to enjoy the world famous coastline and meet some of the incredible producers in the region. Stop into Great Ocean Road Gin Garden and sample some of their gin while you are there.

But back to the Brown Magpie Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. The nose is red plums, raspberries and spice with hints of cedar oak and turkish delight. Once you get it in the glass, the bright crimson colour wine offers a medium bodied and well layered palate. More red fruit, vanilla and spice flavours integrate nicely with earthy notes and a crunchy bright acidity with velvety tannins and a languorous, long finish.

Brown Magpie is a lovely example of the Surf Coast style, neither overtly butch nor feminine but mid weight and uber tasty. Have this with some game or a good piece of hard or even a mild blue cheese - it can stand up to the challenge. Shane and Loretta have some wonderful vines starting to mature really well, and clearly have a passion for drinking good pinot. It seems you can always tell when a. winemaker loves pinot noir - when they make it this bloody well.

There is a more affordable entry level Pinot which is also well worth the investment.

RRP $47 online from their website, or on a good wine list.

VIC | 2018 | Geelong | 14% ABV


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