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Broadcast Wine 2020 Pinot Noir

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I love having things other people want or don't know about. It never surprises me when I find something I think is really new, and have some bragging rights when i can share it with others. I feel this way about Broadcast Wines from the Mornington Peninsula

Former ABC Radio reporter, presenter and producer Cameron Wilson has turned his hand to making wine, and if we may say so, is doing a jolly good job of it. Wilson has presented for ABC Rural and Radio National's Bush telegraph, and so has quite a connection to land and farming, which is why it is no surprise he makes decent plonk. he is also one of those humble chaps who will always undersell his ability.

We had the 2019 Pinot and Chardonnay, both his first vintages. They were great, without being spectacular, but Cam is one of those guys you want to see succeed, and so he has our support. The cool climate and rich, loamy soils of the peninsula give Pinot a chance to flourish in ideal conditions. However, 2020 also gave rise to a lot of smoke taint for some parts of the region... but it seems not to have affected this at all.

The 2020 Pinot is lovely and bright, light and not too intense. Its gentle, restrained and has a rich ripe cherry and rhubarb nose, even a hint of some blood plums. There is a very mellow tannin structure, with some bright acidity and subtle sweet spiced oak. This will cellar well and get better with age, for sure.

RRP - you need to be in the know as there is so little produced. Go direct for pricing and availability

No website but

VIC | 2020 | Mornington | 13.7% ABV

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