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Bodriggy Dayspring Hazy IPA

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

As my lockdown coping mechanisms dictate, this week I googled one of my favourite local breweries and purchased a selection of limited edition beers at a price that would stagger my mother and threw a t-shirt into the cart as well. It seems brewery T-shirts are to be my uniform these days.

I've always said "Boys who drink beer wear black" and the next day I'm wearing my black Bodriggy shirt and pouring myself Bodriggy Dayspring Hazy IPA. I love a hazy IPA. This style is my bag, my jam, it's me on a plate. I love the lower levels of bitterness and the tropical, sometimes juicy flavours; I love the hazy, cloudy suspension; I love the sweet smell. I love Bodrigy too, their pale ale is a great standard pour and their Speccy juice (Probably their best beer) kicks ass as an understrength hazy IPA at 3.2%.

This beer should be a hit and in my mind, it already is.

It looks amazing with said cloudy suspension I love. There is a big nose with ginger and pineapple, but the surprise comes from the flavour which is totally new to me, given I am unfamiliar with either the Cashmere or Azacca hops.

The flavour is robust and whole of mouth and does not taste like a 6.7% beer at all. The Dayspring is strong without being a bully and unlike other bullies, it's delicious and I love it.

Bodriggy is a brewpub in Abbotsford in inner Melbourne.

General opening hours are Mon - Thur Midday - 11pm. Fri - Sun: Midday - Late

Dayspring Hazy IPA

Bodriggy Brewing 245 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Vic

24 x 355ml $105



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